Reasons For Loving These Fancy Little Things Called Lanyards

lanyardsGenerally, lanyards have many uses. Employees use these to represent their companies by wearing identification cards and proximity badges. Companies use them to establish corporate branding and brand recognition. Conventions and conferences rely on such cords to identify attending participants. Schools use them in order for students to enter their premises. Even during an ordinary day, people can be seen using lanyards to hold items like pens and phones.
While it is apparent that a lanyard can provide many uses to all types of people and organizations, two questions remain – what makes this simple item so popular among all sectors, and what are the benefits of having this? Check out the advantages below:

1> Lanyards are inexpensive and economical. No wonder companies give them away as freebies and promotional items any time. Companies can buy these in bulk and avail of big discounts, making them an inexpensive way of giving something that will not be thrown away by participants when given to them especially during seminars and conferences. Not to mention, companies will benefit from it by establishing further recognition for their brands. These cords are proof that spending on little things can lead yield something great. Plus, these straps can also be used in other activities.

2> They are used by organizations for identification purposes because they are very visible. Depending on the logo design and color combinations used, catchy company straps will never be hard to miss. This makes it easier for a company to recognize its employees as the company’s logo are printed vibrantly on the straps (as long as they only distribute such to employees). With this, security personnel can easily identify who are the guests and visitors of the company. In corporate events, important and affiliated people can also be easily distinguished among the attendees.

3> They are tested for durability. Lanyards can last in holding various items on different events for a long time. Companies rarely change their employees’ ID lace design unless there is a name change because of a merger or a logo rebranding. But typically, employees can use these during their whole tenure in the organization because they are made up of materials with various levels of strength. Are you planning to hold an identification card, proximity badge, and locker key all at the same time? Well, you can count on these fancy straps.

4> They are user friendly. There’s no need to look for an instruction manual on how to wear these and hold items. Even kids know how to use these. Clipping them onto clothes is not a problem in the first place because there are no pins to be forced into the fabric. Just wear these around the neck and everything is all set.

5> There’s a wide range of designs available for everyone. If one is a baseball fanatic, he may check out straps with different MLB designs. Companies are usually the ones who can avail the customized designs for branding. Even for personal use, one can choose from a wide variety of designs and colors. Whether for a trendy kid or for a simple adult, lanyards can cater to all types of people because they come not just in different designs but also in various sizes and forms as well.

Being a simple strap with several uses and benefits, no doubt that this fancy little thing called lanyard is a favorite item by various sectors of the society. Who wouldn’t want to have a very affordable yet very useful strap? Whether customized or not, one sure thing is that this strap can be useful not just to people of today but also to future generations.

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How to Properly Care For Callaway Golf Clubs

Golf can be an expensive hobby if golf clubs and other equipment are not properly cleaned and stored. It would be a long time investment if you take good care of your golf clubs. One of the finest and high-quality golf clubs is the Callaway golfclubs. To maintain its durability and efficiency, all golfers should pay attention to how they handle and keep their Callaway golf clubs. Even if such clubs are made of sturdy materials, their performance can be disrupted by the accumulation of dirt, chemicals and debris, which can clog the grooves of the club face and scrape the edges.

Callaway golf clubs vary according to the materials used. Golf clubs with shafts made of steel are easily maintained while the ones made of graphite are fragile and demands extra care of the owner. Graphite shafts tend to easily corrode. Aside from the shaft, the grip should be also maintained.

Callaway Golf ClubsThere’s nothing complicated about golf club maintenance. You only need to gather some things such as water, bucket, small brush, and mild dishwashing soap. In storing golf clubs, you need to put them in a temperate, dry area where no one or nothing can displace it from its position. Bear in mind that properly maintained Callaway golf clubs will make your shot accurate, forceful and controlled.

Club heads should be cleaned before, during and after the game. For every shot, you should have a clean cloth so that you can wipe off the dirt immediately. Make sure that the grooves on the club head are free from grass and dirt. If you clean the club head after each shot, it will be easier for you to clean it at the end of the game.

Golf Clubs

Golf clubs must be cleaned after a few shots. The right way to clean golf clubs varies for every type.

• Metal Irons

Use lukewarm water in cleaning metal irons. If water is too hot, ferrule on the golf clubs may become loose. Mix a little bit of the dishwashing soap to the lukewarm water. Submerge the club head but make sure that the shaft will not touch the water. Place the metal iron in the pail in such way that the ferrules are not submerged in the water. Let the iron soak for about 5 minutes. Afterwards, scrub the grooves with the use of a small brush. Rinse with lukewarm water. After rinsing, use a hand towel to make it dry. If your goal is to remove rust, then you may use a fine grade steel wool. You may also opt to polish the club heads using a chrome polisher.

• Metal Woods

For metal woods, you no longer need to soak them for a long time. Just dip it in lukewarm, soapy water and remove it immediately. Using a damp cloth, remove the dirt and debris on the club head. If the dirt in the grooves is still there, then you may use a soft brush to clean it. You may opt to apply wood wax to polish the club.


Shaft maintenance includes checking for dents, nicks and cracks. Shafts should be cleaned after a few shots. A regularly cleaned shaft tends to last for years, but it may still be damaged if it is improperly stored and transported. As a rule of thumb, never lean on your golf clubs or even on the golf bag containing the clubs.


Always check if there are cracks, loose or slippery spots, faded regions in the grip. If the grip is not in good condition, don’t hesitate to replace it immediately. If you’re not familiar with grip replacement, you can avail of the regrippingservices from golf pro shops.

Rules About Custom Military Coins

At first, custom military coins were only used as part of the member’s uniform. After the successful escape of an Americal soldier out of the enemy’s territory, military coins gain so much popularity. Initially, custom military coins are only functional within a military organization. A military group establishes its own norms and values for holding a military coin.

To ensure that a military member is always carrying the military coin, a special game was invented which has been a significant part of the military routine. Nowadays, this game is done even outside the military. In this game, a challenger will ask a military member to produce a coin belonging to his organization. If the member can produce a coin at that moment, then he wins the game. Otherwise, the challenger wins and may ask him to do some favor. In each military organization, a different set of rules is followed in playing this game. Some rules include rewards for the winner and punishment for the loser. In this way, discipline in the military can be observed.

At ChallengeCoins4Less, you can create custom coins your members can carry and display with pride. It’s an easy, four-step process.

custom military coinsThe reason why custom military coins became popular is that these promote a sense of responsibility among military members and other holders. It increases the holder’s morale because it makes him think that the organization welcomes his presence. It may also be a sort of remembrance upon retirement.

Another important rule in keeping custom military coins is that members do not have the right to modify the design of the coin. They are not allowed to punch a hole in the coin so that they can turn it into a necklace. They are prohibited to wear the coin in such way that it may be damaged unintentionally. Defaced coins would no longer be considered as a military coin. Never attach your military coins to your belt buckles. These coins should not be used as keychains. Doing these things would mean that you are not respecting its value.

Rules in Challenging

1.These rules are only applicable to those who are expected to own a military coin. Only those who have military coins can ask a member to produce a coin.

2.When you are challenged to present a military coin, you only have 60 seconds to do so. If a coin is presented within the given time, then the challenger might buy the challenged person a drink. If the challenged person cannot produce the coin, then he will be the one to buy a drink for the challenger.

3.Dropping the coin on the floor requires its owner to buy drinks for those people who see or hear the incident. The people who will receive the drink should have their coin with them.

4.It is a must to inform the new coin holders about the rules of this game.

5.Each coin owner should bring his coin wherever he goes.

6.After the offender gives you a drink, you can no longer challenge him for the second time except if he regains his coin.

7.Transferring a coin from one person to another is allowed given that the person gives it intentionally. If you pick up a coin that is turned down, this is still owned by the original holder, and you are only allowed to examine the coin.

8.Giving of coin to another person should be done wisely. Remember that it symbolizes the military organization and thus it is only right to give the coin if the receiver is honorable.

9.Drilling a hole into a coin is not allowed.

10.The coin should be just a coin itself. Pinning it to your belt buckle makes the coin into a belt buckle. Hanging it together with your keychain makes the coin a keychain too.

Repairing the Miniscule: How to Fix a Printed Circuit Board

Your laptop may be a Sony VAIO, an Apple Mac, or a Samsung ATIV. Your television may be from LG, Panasonic, Phillips. Your cellular phone may be a Nokia Windows phone, Samsung Android phone, or an iPhone that runs on iOS. But what all of these electronics have in common, in spite of the differences in brand names is what is inside of all of them. The electrical components that make up your technological devices are, more or less, the same, perhaps with only slight differences in the design, and the one thing that holds these components together is called a printed circuit board, or PCB.

A PCB is a thin copper plate etched with the wiring design of the device. The electrical components are then mounted and soldered on its side or sides, depending on the type of PCB required for the job.

Pcb assemblyMany hobbyists, technology geeks, and students of computer science find a satisfying experience in doing their own Pcb assembly or manufacturing their own PCBs from their own home. This gives them the chance to test their skills first-hand. Even amateurs can join in, as there are many links on the Internet that lead to instructions on how to do your own Pcb assembly.

But what happens when the printed circuit board on your electronic device gets fried?

Think you can fix it? Well, most likely, the answer is no.

Creating your own printed circuit board is relatively easy, but fixing it is an altogether different story. In most cases, bringing your device to a repairman or the brand’s repair shop is the most logical move. But if you, for some reason, want to try your hand at fixing a faulty PCB, here are a few things you need to keep in mind:

Assess the damage, and figure out a way to fix it. This will determine the materials you will need, as well as the level of difficulty of the task. Common damages to printed circuit boards are loose electronic components and faulty traces. If you are hazy on the damage but still want to fix this on your own, direct your query at forums specializing on electronic equipment. It might also help to study the Pcb assembly, or how this certain PCB was made, to determine where the fault lies. If you are the one who conducted the Pcb assembly, retrace your steps to know exactly what went wrong.

Have all needed materials at hand. This means buying a soldering pencil and a digital multimeter, which will serve as your weapons for this task. Depending on your damage assessment, you might also need other tools, such as nonconductive epoxy and a razor knife. If you are unsure where to purchase your materials, go online and ask for referrals.

Get fixing. Once you have done your damage assessment and gathered all the materials you need, it is time to start the repairs. Find a desk with a good height, as well as a bright light source. This will give you a better view while you work. Do not forget to exercise caution, especially if you are using volatile chemicals, such as acid.

When you think you have got it right, reassemble the device. Test to see if your handiwork was effective. Or, better yet…

Bring your device to a repair shop. Because, really, unless you are experienced in this field yourself, there is very little chance that you will be able to fix your electronic device correctly. It is always best to consult an expert. But if you are doing this to study the intricacies of electricity and electronic devices, by all means, go ahead.